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Strikers Instinct - Top 5 best seller in Category - Amazon April 2015!



MISSING APOSTROPHE? You must decide! There are at least 3 possible options....



Harry Green and Luke Linden grew up in the same small Lancashire town but their paths only really crossed when they were thrown together by a violent incident at university. The two became lifelong friends and after years apart building separate careers, they both meet again in the town of their birth.

Harry is now Dr. Green – on the verge of an amazing medical discovery – and Luke is the former successful head of a large IT company who is now looking for a new challenge but faces accusations that he has forgotten his roots. A unique opportunity arises which means that the two friends can work together to achieve their aims against the backdrop of their shared love for their local football team.

The action moves from the boardroom to the football pitch and involves betrayal and devotion. Luke uses skills he has developed throughout his adult life to help protect his family, his friend and the way of life his father held so dear. The final stakes are worth millions – but the human cost could be inestimable


eISBN: 9781784629663



Lively and tasteful!

Charles Nevin - Lancashire Life

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