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Premier Instinct



At the end of December 1922, Vladimir Lenin became the first Premier of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Eleven men followed him in the following years, including perhaps the most famous – Joseph Stalin.

On Christmas Day 1991, amidst great turbulence, the Soviet Union was dissolved and replaced by the Russian Federation. A generation has passed since the dissolution and it is being whispered that the Age of the Premiers may be returning. The years following dissolution brought sweeping changes to Russia; many people throughout the world prayed that it would bring greater stability to a troubled planet. Beneath the surface however, there were still problems. In April 2007, there was a violent encounter in a small street leading from Red Square.

Several years later, the past returns to haunt Luke Linden when he comes face to face with two of the characters he met on that brutal day in Moscow. It is against this unlikely backdrop that Luke finds himself being drawn back to his former life. He then receives an offer that he simply can't refuse.

The action moves from the football pitch to the stage of global politics and there are high stakes involved. The world is holding its breath as events in the Ukraine add to the warnings about the return of the Age of the Premiers. In the UK, Wishton Clough are struggling to survive in the Premier League. If Luke and his friends fail, relegation will be the least of their worries.


eISBN: 9781785894688






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