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"The Destruction Of Icarus Park"


Jez Cooper considered himself to be a lucky man. A former member of a famous rock band, he had written and performed some of the most memorable songs ever created. He had a lovely wife and two great kids – he even owned his own island!  Everything was great – until suddenly, his luck began to change…


From the strife-torn streets of Ulster in the eighties to the storm-battered main stage at Glastonbury, Icarus Park quickly grew from humble beginnings into a worldwide phenomenon.  For almost ten years they rode the wave of success – but then the cracks began to show….


It had now been many years since the four members of Icarus Park had spoken to one other, but when they reluctantly decide to reconnect - in the Vatican, of all places – disaster strikes. With an unknown enemy on their tail, the band, united by a shared survival instinct, flee Rome and head for a remote Scottish island.


But someone is watching, biding their time, waiting for a chance.


The scene is set for a final showdown.


At stake? The survival - or the destruction  - of Icarus Park.

eISBN: 9781838597047


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